SDK Support by BitRouter BitRouter has partnered with semiconductor vendors to continue support and sales for successful SoCs after in house support is terminated. We help silicon vendors monetize long tail sales of existing silicon after it is no longer economically viable to maintain in house support resources. We help network operators extract the maximum value from deployed devices by extending their life with new and innovative features. We help OEMs extract maximum value from existing products by avoiding costly redesigns. We do this by maintaining our own in house embedded systems and SDK support team.

Currently, we can provide SDK support for the following devices from MaxLinear:

  • CX24483 (code name Libra, originally made by Conexant) – MPEG-2 decoder used in low cost SD-DTA decoders
  • PNX8482, 83, 74, 75, OM7075 – (code name Shiner, originally made by Trident) – Multi-format HD-DVR SoC for Cable STBs. Also used extensively in HD-DTA devices.
  • EN7120 (code name Kore3, originally made by Entropic) – Multi-format HD decoder currently shipping in several HD-DTA models.

We hope to extend such partnerships to other silicon vendors like ST Microelectronics, Broadcom and Texas Instruments.

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