OTTpak provide turnkey software for OTT devices based on Linux and Webkit. It includes a complete application development framework that allows third party developers to port their applications. OTTpak allows our customers to develop custom streaming media clients where they can control their subscriber experience.

OTTpak includes the following components:

  • Application Launcher, a JavaScript canvas application for navigating and launching OTT apps
  • MPEG DASH player based on the open source dash.js implementation
  • Apple HLS parser to support playback of HLS encoded multimedia content
  • QT Webkit to provide HTML, Javascript, and CSS support
  • XML DOMParser for parsing manifest files used by adaptive bit rate streaming technologies
  • W3C Media Source Extensions to provide JavaScript APIs for enabling adaptive bit rate streaming applications in JavaScript
  • W3C Encrypted Media Extensions to provide JavaScript APIs for management of decryption keys
  • GStreamer Plugin to manage the decoder pipeline
  • Content Decryption Module to support DRM and decryption of encrypted content
  • OpenSSL to allow secure purchase transactions
  • Secure Flash Updater to support download and flashing of new firmware images

Following is a high level block diagram that shows OTTpak’s software architecture:

ottpak BitRouter


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