BitRouter Paks


  • ATSC3pak ATSC3pak integrates the ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 standards into a single software product
  • CBpak ATSC Converter Box software package
  • DTApakSoftware for Cable DTA boxes
  • DVB-Cpak DVB-Cpak is a turnkey software solution for DVB based cable set-top boxes.
  • OTTPak ATSC & DCR Protocol Suite for Digital TV


  • CAPstack DTV Closed Captioning EIA-708-B & CEA-608-B
  • DCstack DSM-CC Data Carousel.
  • DVB-Cstack DVB-C stack per ISO/IEC – 138181, EN 300 468
  • DVB-STstack DVBV subtitles decoder per ETSI EN 300 743
  • FONTstack A Font Engine and TrueType Fonts
  • MHstack ATSC Mobile A/153 Software Stack
  • PODstack CableCARD™ Software Stack
  • PSIPstack ATSC PSIP A/65C, SCTE 65 & SCTE 18 Software Stacks
  • SCTE27stack Implements the ANSI/SCTE 27 2003 (Formerly DVS 026) - Subtitling Methods for Broadcast Cable" standard
BitRouter GUI services and software


  • TVgui A customizable user interface based on BitRouter’s patented XSM technology.
BitRouter Services: SDK Support

SDK Support

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